Questions Asked

McDonald’s launched the McDVOICE survey to get feedback directly from customers. Direct customer feedback helps McDonald’s improve food quality and increase customer satisfaction at McDonald’s facilities. Please note that a customer can participate in a maximum of five surveys per month. Every return from McDVOICE is evaluated and all necessary actions are taken.

McDonald’s, founded in 1940, is today the largest supermarket chain in the world. McDonald’s menu includes a variety of delicious food including breakfast options, smoothies, ice cream, wraps, fries and burgers, smoothies, fish, and salad.

McDonald’s is the second-largest private employer after Walmart. McDonald’s cares about people. That is why the McDVOICE survey was created by them to improve the quality of their services, meet customer expectations and be the best in the world.

Questions About The McDVOICE Survey

You may be wondering what the McDVOICE survey questions are. Don’t worry, the questions are very simple and based entirely on your last visit to McDonald’s. See some of the following McDVOICE questionnaire questions:

  • First, you will be asked about the behavior of McDonald’s employees.
  • Questions are asked about food quality, order accuracy, cleanliness and hygiene at McDonald’s, etc.
  • You will be asked about the impact of the McDVOICE survey and your consent to your future participation in such surveys.
  • Your comments will have a significant impact on McDonald’s services. To be honest when answering the McDVOICE survey questions.
  • Once you have answered all McDVOICE questions, you will receive a validation code that must be used within 30 days of your participation.

The McDVOICE survey is solely an attempt by McDonald’s to increase customer satisfaction at McDonald’s. McDVOICE offers customers the ability to leave feedback and report complaints if they encounter a problem at McDonald’s.

The McDVOICE survey questionnaire consists entirely of questions based on your last visit to McDonald’s. It is an honest attempt by McDonald’s to improve their service and they expect the same in return. So please be honest with your answers. Peace!